About Occupy Y'all Street

The New Wealth

The new wealth of the 21st century is in the palm of your hands. 


Your Facebook page is valued at over $500 million dollars.  Your Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts are valued into the billions. The income of your community is valued at over $500 million dollars.           (See sources below.)

The National Associations of Community Chambers of Commerce started the "Occupy Y'all Street"  movement to help our members utilize their social media accounts to manage and leverage the wealth currently available to them within their social media networks and  communities. 

When you join the "Occupy Y'all Street" movment you will turn your social media accounts into cash for scholarships, funding for local entrepreneurs and funding to improve your community. 

You will also gain access to FREE stuff, discounts and rewards from your favorite stores and brands. 

We believe every student and community deserves a community fund dedicated to helping them achieve their hope and dreams. 

This is why we created the  "Community Shark Tank", a fund operated by local citizens from your community dedicated to funding your hopes and dreams. 

We work with athletes, celebrities, businesses and corporations to partner with your community to support your Community Shark Tank.

Funding from sponsorships goes into your "Community Shark Tank".  

If you need funding for school, want to start a new business or provide services to your community you can submit your request to your local "Community Shark Tank". 

Citizens from your community will evaluate your request for possible funding. 

Sign up today to join the "Occupy Y'all Street" movement in your community! 

Click here to join the movement today!  

* Social media accounts valuations are based on (Average "Friends/Follower" per account )(x) (communication metrics) (x) (Average US household income.) 

*Neighborhood income calculations are based on (number of household per zip code) x (Average household income)